I Think I Like You lyric video by dylan kellyvid

"I Think I Like You" lyric video by dylan kelly

This is a lyric video I made for the song "I Think I Like You" off of my upcoming EP "Living For The Dream" out…
dylankelly Feb 01, 2014

What It's Like To Drive Up The West Coast

I love vacations. I'm sure all of us do; in light of that I attempt to take a vacation at least a couple times a…
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dylankelly Jan 21, 2014


dylankelly Mar 12, 2013

Men's Style Inspirations

Get inspired and find create your own style! Here are some of my inspirations for the week!
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dylankelly Jul 06, 2012

My trip to New York this past May

I've been a little late with the gettin' on here, but finally got around to putting up! This is pretty much what my trip consisted…
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dylankelly Jul 06, 2012
Sunday Mourningpic
Sunday Mourningpic

Sunday Mourning

From a little shoot I did for Sunday Mourning (www.sundaymourningco.com) with photographer Christian Carrera.
dylankelly Jul 06, 2012

Champion by dylan kelly on SoundCloud

So basically i just wrote this little indie jam at work while waiting for my manager anyways, let me know if you like it =]
dylankelly Dec 06, 2011

Me When I Was A Youngin'

Me, back in the yesteryear. it's been about 17 years...ugh. Grandpa status.
dylankelly Oct 27, 2011

Local Tourist Spot

I did a shoot a few weeks ago for The Local Tourist Spot in downtown LA and I had such a blast working with FiveTwoFive…
dylankelly Oct 27, 2011

Cooking Potstickers with Kate Cordova

There comes a time in everyone's life when we all feel hungry. Kate and I were hungry the other day, so we ventured on…
dylankelly Oct 27, 2011

Dylankelly's Photo Stream

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dylankelly Oct 27, 2011

Make Your Mark

Be you! Don't let anyone ever tell you who to be, you've got to find out what makes you who you are. We all go…
dylankelly Aug 29, 2011
dylan kelly singing keep your head up by andy grammervid


so for anyone who pays attention to me on buzznet, here's the lowdown! had some really good meetings been working on my own record in the studio did…
dylankelly Jul 21, 2011
dylankelly Jul 21, 2011

my life

been at the studio for 2 days now working/mixing/toplining just exhausting my energy reserves. hard work pays off though kids ;) for the record that is
dylankelly May 18, 2011
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Beetle Juice, Breathless, Cast Away, Conan The Barbarian, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Evil Dead, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, History of the World Part 1, Rocky Horror Picture Show, What Happens in Vegas

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